JB Petfoods for natural pet nutrition

pregnancyBefore breeding from a bitch, make sure she is in good condition. A thin dog is going to struggle to support the growing foetus' nutritional needs. An overweight dog may experience a difficult labour. A good quality adult maintenance food such as JB's Good Food will help maintain good health.


Normal gestation is 9 weeks, with the majority of the weight gain in the last 3 weeks, when the bitch will need up to 50% more food energy. Increase the quantity of food after week 6, changing over a period of 7-10 days to a more nutrient-rich Puppy Food so that volume of food doesn't get too large.

After the birth

After giving birth a bitch will lose weight and nutritional needs increase by up to 2-3 times above normal adult requirements, depending on litter size, so that she can produce sufficient milk for the pups.

Continue feeding a nutrient-dense food such as our own JB's Puppy Food and rather than increasing volume, feed more frequently or free feed with unlimited access through the day.


By around 5 weeks, pups start taking an interest in their mother's food, and taking less milk. At this point the mother will need progressively less food until, at 8 weeks or so when the pups are weaned, she can be changed back onto the normal adult maintenance food whilst the pups are eating the Puppy Food.

Suggested Foods for the new pups