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As New research has found that almost half of the UK view their pets as their best friend, with 65% viewing them as a friend instead of a pet.

As the Blue Cross charity says, 'Pets really are good for your health – and the medical benefits have long been lauded. Having a dog improves fitness as it encourages you to get out walking more, and even playing with your dog or cat indoors when you’d otherwise be lying idle on the sofa can loosen up those limbs and get the blood pumping around your body.'

Walking the dog around the local park or taking it to obedience lessons are just two settings where you’ll have the opportunity to meet new faces and interact with people you might not otherwise have come into contact with. Plus Cats and dogs make great companions – they’ll always be waiting for you to come home and they’ll be happy to lend an ear should you want to moan about the awful day you’ve had.

Some of the stats below make for very good reading when it comes to owners and their relationship with their beloved pets.






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