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Thanks for visiting the website. With many years experience in the pet food industry it is my aim to offer the very best value and range of dog food (and quality food for other pets) direct to you from the manufacturer, so that your food is not hanging around in a pet shop storeroom for weeks or months prior to your purchase - that way you get it as fresh as possible and the food is going to be at its very best quality so you can feed with full confidence.

For this reason you will find a standard range of traditional super-premium recipes, alongside the more novel 'Naturals 'Grain Free' and 'Extra 65' recipes. There's also a VAT free range of most of the recipes because they are suitable for active breeds. They are all recipes that have been developed by pet nutritionists based upon the latest research for what is best for your pet.

The manufacturer makes food for many major brands of natural foods and knows how to make quality food, with quality ingredients. But you are not paying major brand prices, and still getting the same quality delivered to your home.

If you'd like further information, then do contact us using the form below. If you need to phone then the best way is to call my mobile (07 535313759) as I'm not always in the office.

John Birch

We do not send out samples, I'm afraid!
Two reasons - Firstly, they're very expensive to post, and the cost would have to be reflected in the selling price. Secondly, it's just not possible to tell whether a pet will eat a whole bag of food based upon a 100g sample!



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