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The English Springer Spaniel is the founder of all the English hunting spaniels. During the Renaissance, it was though to be the perfect companion for the European hunter. It first became popular in America during the 1700s.

The Springer Spaniel gets its name from the methods they use to flushing game: they spring forward to drive birds out of their hiding. These dogs do very well in hunting on both land and water. They are also very fine retrievers.

The English springer spaniel’s cheery, calm personality makes him a perfect family dog. Some of their talents include hunting, tracking, retrieving, watchdogging and performing tricks.

General Physical Description

The English Springer Spaniel is a compact, medium sized sporting dog with long ears. This dogs expression is alert, kindly and trusting, just think of the expression 'spaniel eyes'. When they look up at you with those deep brown or dark hazel eyes they could get away with anything. Springers are friendly dogs that are always eager to please. They are well proportioned dogs, nicely balanced, built to cover rough ground well and quickly.

Weight Height Range

The shoulder height for dogs is between 49 - 51cms and bitches between 48 - 50cms. The weight for dogs is between 23 - 24kgs and bitches 24 - 25kgs.


The ears and eyes of Springers need to be checked on a regular basis. Ear problems can largely be prevented by regular cleaning and grooming. The eyes of the parents should be screened to see if there is a problem and a certificate can be obtained if everything is alright, most responsible breeders will have this procedure carried out before they breed from their dogs.


The Springer is a hardy dog which is well-behaved and quick to learn and respond. They are easily controlled, not highly strung, aggressive or shy. Through training this is an ideal family pet, which does not do well in a kennel environment.

Show Characteristics

The head of the Springer should be impressive and balanced, the skull is of medium length and fairly broad. The eyes should be of medium size, set well apart and fairly deep in their sockets, they should not have loose droopy lids or a prominent haw. When they are born their eyes do not have complete pigmentation, this may not develop until they are one year old. The mouth has a strong jaw with a perfect, regular complete scissor bite The body is neither too long or too short with a deep chest. The back is level and short with well developed thighs. The topline is never longer than the height and ideally should be equal. The Springers tail shows the temperament and conformation, with the carriage nearly horizontal, slightly elevated when the dog is excited. It is customarily docked. The adult Springer should never appear leggy, short necked, heavy or oval-sculled, steep-shouldered or splay-footed. With the coat, a rough, curly coat is unacceptable, it should have a clean, glossy appearance.

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