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The exact origin of the Pointer is not entirely clear: whether they originate from Spanish Pointers or from Continental Pointers is uncertain. What is certain is that English Pointers date back to the 1600's, a native breed to the British Isles, being used to 'point' game out to hunters. These early dogs worked with Greyhounds in hare-coursing, the Pointers being used to point out hares for the Greyhounds to seize. In the early 1700's, wing shooting came into fashion and this was when their true skills became apparent. To this day, Pointers are exceptional hunting dogs.


Pointers are intelligent and therefore learn reasonably quickly. Because of their sensitive natures, training should be done with kindness and rewards. They do not like to be dominated.

Show Characteristics

The skull should be of medium breadth with a well-defined stop and prominent occiput. The nose and eye-rims should be dark although they can be lighter in the case of the lemon and white dog. The muzzle is slightly concave giving a slight dish-faced appearance. The jaws should be strong with a complete scissor bite. The eyes should be hazel or brown, depending on the colour of the coat and should be bright with a kind expression. The ears should be set on fairly high, lying close to the head, medium length and slightly pointed at the tips. The neck should be long and muscular and well-arched. The back should be short-coupled and muscular, with well-sprung ribs. The coat should be fine, short and hard. The shoulders should be long, sloping and well-laid back. The forelegs should be straight and firm with good oval bone and the backlegs very muscular with well-turned stifles and a good expanse of first and second thigh. The hocks should be well let down. The feet should be oval and well-knit with arched toes and be well-cushioned. The tail should be of medium length, thick at the root, tapering gradually to a point, well-covered with close hair, carried level with the back with no upward curl. In movement, the tail should lash from side

General Physical Description

Pointers have a lithe, athletic frame. Their whole appearance is one of graceful curves. Pointers are muscular dogs, covering the ground smoothly and at good speed, with a driving hind action. Their coats are perfectly smooth, straight and short with a tremendous sheen. They carry their heads nobly and proudly. Their most distinguishing features are the slight concavity on top of their muzzles which gives their noses a tip-tilted appearance and the typical pointer stance with tail and foreleg raised and head extended towards the quarry.

Weight Height

Range Bitches measure 61 to 66cms at the withers and weigh around 26kgs. Dogs measure 63 to 69cms and weigh around 30kgs.

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